Category Topics


Since many SkookumScript present and past users have questions about the Verse programming language by Epic Games - here is a category dedicated to it.

Unreal Engine 4 Plugin

The turn-key SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin is currently in beta—your comments and questions are welcome here.

The Language & Compiling

Discussion on the SkookumScript language itself - and compiling and parsing it.


Deliciously meta discussion about the SkookumScript Forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Platforms and New Engines

Questions about when will SkookumScript be available for desktop/mobile/console platform X? Or perhaps you are wondering about if SkookumScript will be available as a turn-key plugin for game engine Y? This is the category to discuss such weighty developments.


If you are completely clueless about SkookumScript and/or computer programming in general, we have created this special area where we will be delighted to politely answer your foolish and uninformed questions. Don't be shy! Even if you haven't programmed a day in your life, you will amazed at how quick and easy it is to learn SkookumScript.

Enhancements & Evolution

Suggest new features and other improvements that will allow SkookumScript to evolve into an even more powerful gameplay animal.

Your Projects

What are you—yes, YOU—doing with SkookumScript? Tell the community about your megalomaniacal plans.

IDE & Debugging

If you want to discuss the SkookumScript integrated development environment (IDE), editing scripts, debugging, etc., hoo boy, you're in the right place.

C++ binding, Embedding & Runtime

If, when you sleep, you dream vivid dreams about SkookumScript's C++ binding, embedding and runtime, we hope you wake up here.


News and general announcements about SkookumScript and Agog Labs Inc.

Random off-topic rambling

We all have our moments when we don't want to talk about anything related to SkookumScript. This is the place where you can freely bloviate and blither any random thought that crosses your mind to anyone who's willing to listen. The more off-topic, the better. Cat memes especially welcome.


If you have a position available, include the tag [JOB] on your post title, plus additional tags indicating compensation [PAID], [CONTRACT], [ROYALTY], [UNPAID]. You can use the UE4 Recruitment Template as a guide. Include as many details about the position as possible.