_draw_text in demo example doesn't work?

Downloaded the demo+IDE: SkookumDemo-Standalone-2234-4.10.zip and tried running the following by select+F4, no text anywhere in the demo unreal game

// Draw text above player
player_pawn._draw_text("Play me!")

console says invoked and no error.

Other commands like _boom and path_to_actor work

Are you sure it is not there and just hard to see?

It should appear as floating white text just above the player character’s head. It can be hard to see if the text is in front of the “swirly” effect or other busy visual backgrounds.

Try to move the camera around the player so that you have a nice clear area above the player and press F4 again.

Yes sure no text “play me”, attached snapshots here, pressed F4 again…

Hmm, not sure why this is the case.

The command is very likely fine on the SkookumScript side if other commands are working. The problem is most likely to be from UE4 itself or its dependencies such as fonts, video card, etc.

It could be a video driver problem.

Any more that you could tell about your particular setup?

running on win8.1, i5 with AMD Radeon HD7600M, 8GB RAM