3.0.1773 Beta is here!

Hey all - here’s a quick update with a number of fixes and improvements that should address your issues with the previous release!

Please refer to the usual installation instructions for how to update to the latest greatest.

This is just a “small” update of the previous update, so please find all the latest on GitHub. For those of you without Visual Studio, get the updated precompiled plugin for UE 4.9.2 here:


Here’s the details of what’s new:

  • VS2015 support
  • two pass SkookumScript-initialization (1) register UE4 classes/structs/enums (2) register Sk classes and bindings
  • adjustments to initialization sequence so it works properly in game (non-editor) builds
  • call destructor on SkookumScript component only when instance non-null
  • prevent export of EDITORONLY properties so avoid lookup failures in game (non-editor) builds
  • fixed crash when running UE4Editor in cook mode
  • shortened timeouts for connecting to IDE
  • bug fix in text file generation / temp file renaming
  • ensured that working overlay saved in settings is ignored if it refers to a disabled overlay
  • some cleanup work in the sandbox overlays
  • misc bug fixes

As usual, let us know how things are going - we are here to help!

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