3.0.1856 Beta with bug fixes and updated demo!

Hi everybody -

And here comes another update with a number of bug fixes and a cool update to our demo project - just posted on GitHub.

Here’s what’s new:


  • fixed various issues related to window showing/restoring/bringing to foreground
  • updated the workspace.sk file
  • ensure that the [Sk] actually brings up the IDE rather than just flashing its icon
  • fixed broken recursive class recompilation (now properly dealing with flattened directory structure)
  • fixed issue where data array size was not properly propagated upon Mthd->Func conversion
  • default-initialize SkClass raw pointer/accessor function callbacks from super class

For those of you using the precompiled engine installed via the Epic Games Launcher, here the latest greatest plugins in precompiled form!

And here is a cool updated version of our demo project (4.10 only for now)! There are now two new mesmerizing swirly effects with a sinister purpose. :slight_smile:

Find the latest downloaded here.

Install as usual and enjoy!