3.0.1956 Beta hot off the press! Console-Only Mode, Level Minds, Mac support, lots of workflow improvements

We keep the features coming! Here’s what we got for you this time:

New in this release

  1. Runtime plugin
  • new console-only-mode to allow using SkookumScript on a project without modifying the project files structure:
    • project settings file and Project-Generated scripts now automagically generated in project’s Intermediate folder upon first connect of project with IDE
    • upon first edit to project, project files are transferred out of the Intermediate folder into the actual project folder where they can be further edited and revision controlled
    • at the same time, DefaultGame.ini is automatically checked out and updated with SkookumScript packaging settings (so that the SkookumScript binaries are properly cooked along with the other content)
  • UE4Editor now reloads the SkookumScript binaries whenever the entire project is recompiled in the IDE to allow recovery from SkookumScript compile errors that happen at startup (reloading is deferred if PIE/gameplay is in progress until PIE is over)
  • Skookum button now reloads SkookumScript binaries if in error state
  • SkookumScriptComponent now supports Mind-derived classes in addition to actors, so that a custom ‘Level Mind’ can be placed in a level that starts up and shuts down along with that level (see the Level Mind actor in SkookumDemo for an example!)
  • Mac platform officially supported!
  1. SkookumIDE
  • to improve workflow with Skookum IDE button, IDE now disconnects from existing client connection upon receiving new client connect request, so the IDE can quickly reconnect to multiple open projects
  • new overlay property “non-editable” represented by “*” in front of overlay name in script overlay section of project settings file to allow/disallow editing of individual overlays
  • only editable overlays are suggested by the create popup
  • create popup won’t open if there are no editable overlays available
  • project file can now have two new attributes: “Editable” and “CanMakeEditable”
    • when “Editable” is set to false, no edits can be made on the project by the IDE
    • when “CanMakeEditable” is set to true and the user attempts to make the first edit, she is prompted to allow the project folder to be modified in order to make edits
    • default project has “Editable” set to false, so by default no edits are allowed on the Core, Engine and Engine-Generated overlays
    • of course the advanced user can change these variables to allow editing but this would be expert terrain!
  • each project settings file now has associated default project settings file (for the respective engine that project belongs to (4.9, 4.10 etc), since it depends on that)
  • consistent default project and project name now communicated from runtime to IDE along with main project file
  • user.ini now keeps track of last used default project settings file
  1. SkookumDemo
  • created Level Mind (Actor + SkookumScriptComponent representing “BerzerkRobots” Mind) and moved demo code into this Mind
  1. copious tweaks, refactors and bug fixes under the hood!

Get your hands on it

If you are signed up for our closed beta, simply click here for further download instructions. If you are not signed up yet, join our closed beta now!

And of course, if you want to try out SkookumScript without having to install Unreal Engine first, get our latest greatest standalone demo from our public download page.

Again, please tell us (on this forum) if you encounter any glitches or have trouble setting up or running this update!