3.0.3078 now up on the Marketplace! With a caveat though - please read

So our latest greatest 3.0.3078 made it to the Marketplace!

Please note though: Due to some restrictions in the build process at Epic (Windows MAX_PATH limitations) some changes had to be made to the engine generated script files for this build which causes issues during plugin update. Before you update the plugin in Epic Games Launcher, go to the plugin folder for your engine version (for 4.12, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\SkookumScript) and delete the Scripts subfolder, then update. If you have already updated and are experiencing issues, uninstall the plugin, then delete the Scripts folder as described above, then reinstall it. Sorry for the trouble - we are actively working on a solution for this problem that will be rolled out with the next update. These notes apply only if you are updating your plugin. If you are freshly installing the plugin from scratch, there should be no issues.


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