3.0.3174 is here! 4.13.0 support plus 600 new auto-generated event coroutines and much faster compile times for C++ projects

4.13.0 is officially out, and so is the most official release of SkookumScript ever!

What’s new?

  • Auto-generated event delegate callback support: What’s this? Essentially, the already existing event coroutines like _on_take_any_damage_do, _on_take_any_damage_do_until and _wait_take_any_damage are now auto-generated, and many more, about 600 in total!
  • Compile times for C++ projects are now much shorter due to
    1. not compiling engine binding code in the game module
    2. splitting apart the unity header file into one header for each binding class
  • Blueprint nodes will now invoke the properly inherited subclass version of an exposed method or coroutine
  • The SkookumScriptGenerator now is renaming game classes with name ‘Entity’ to ‘GameEntity’ for SkookumScript
  • Fixed a bug where SkookumScript would stop updating under certain circumstances

Caution - syntax changes!

  • There a few changes in event coroutine function names and signatures, e.g. _on_begin_overlap_do is now _on_actor_begin_overlap_do.
  • The return arguments of _on_actor_begin_overlap_do_until have also changed from 4.12 up to include the overlapped_actor, so if you are using this coroutine watch out that you won’t pass in the wrong parameters.
  • In the SkookumScript.ini file of a C++ project, you no longer need to specify any engine modules. We recommend to remove any engine modules from your C++ project SkookumScript.ini file so that it only specifies game modules.
  • In C++ projects, to use a SkookumScript binding class, you no longer #include <SkUEGeneratedBindings.generated.hpp> but the class of the specific type you need, e.g. #include <SkUEActor.generated.hpp>

Get the new plugin from the Unreal Marketplace, our GitHub repository or as a good old precompiled zip file for Epic Games Launcher users.

As usual, don’t hesitate to ask us for help if you encounter any issues!