3.0.4135 is here and it has the new SkookumIDE!

Just in time for Game Developers Conference 2017, here is the latest greatest release of the SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin!

So what’s new?

The brand new SkookumIDE!

Our IDE went into metamorphosis and turned into a beautiful butterfly! Using Unreal Engine’s Slate UI system, we have redesigned it from the ground up for the sexiest, most superpowered workflow ever. And the good news is this new crown of game scripting UIs remains free for everybody in its Standard Edition. The Pro Edition is $99 until March 31, $199 after that. Check it out!

You can get the Pro version using the “Go Pro…” button on the Standard version to upgrade or you can buy a SkookumIDE Professional license directly.

Here are the most notable features:

Standard Edition

  • live update of running game, even on consoles and mobile devices
  • single-click compile/sync button
  • auto parse (errors underlined with squiggly lines)
  • full contextual autocomplete
  • syntax highlighting
  • lightning fast compilation
  • new error list widget
  • new overlay list widget
  • Slate’s responsive layout and docking system - hide/show, rearrange and/or tear off widgets as you like
  • multiple editor windows can be opened concurrently
  • quick filter bars for class view and member list
  • routines can now be deleted via UI

Pro Edition

  • all features of the Standard Edition
  • full visual remote debugger with locals, callstack and breakpoint window
  • setting of breakpoints, halting and continuing execution
  • single stepping through code


  • parser now properly detects duplicate data members

Skookum UE4 Plugin

  • switched default project to archived file formats for new SkookumIDE
  • class data variables @@world and @@random now get postfixed with an underscore to not interfere with Object's @@world and @@random
  • MD5-postfixed Blueprint variables now keep the first four digits of their MD5 for distinction
  • code in enum constructors now column-aligned
  • tweaked SkookumScriptBehaviorComponent so it can be derived from by a Blueprint custom component
  • the Script Class Name field in SkookumScriptbehaviorComponent can now be left empty which means to simply use the UE4 class of the component
  • changed the class compatibility test in SkookumScriptClassDataComponent such that now the Script Class Name may refer to a class not derived from the actor the component is attached to, as long as it is not derived from any class that actor is not derived from
  • modified Actor@instances, Actor@named and Actor@find_named so that it properly works with the change above, and also works for pure Sk classes derived from Actor (it will now gather all actors of the most derived super class known to UE4 and then filter the results)
  • fixed bug in generator that would sometimes export incomplete class hierarchies
  • minor optimization to blueprint exposure class update to prevent assert at startup
  • fixed regex bug occurring only in Marketplace builds

How to get it?

Let us know if you have any questions!



Sounds Great.
I am slightly confused about the “Pro Edition Licensing”.

Would you guys tell me “where” the BUY Button is please??? I just can’t seem to find it! LOL

Can I buy more than 1 license at that price in case I want to grow the team later?

O and 1 more question… Will the IDE work on older versions of UE4 + SK?

Thanks in advance!

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Just press the “Go Pro…” button and follow the instructions.

Sure, we haven’t placed any limits.

So far we have updated UE4.13 - UE4.15 and we might update older versions depending on demand.

I would like to suggest that you have a Menu Item in your Main Website that allows you to buy as well.

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We’ll definitely be doing that. We are just rolling it out quickly to be in time for the Game Developers Conference.

We have to release it earlier on GitHub for Epic to include it in their Unreal Marketplace. [Even so they might be too busy with their own GDC prep to get our latest up on the Marketplace in time for GDC.]

Thank you for this! I’ve only had a quick play with it so far, but I’m loving all the improvements - really excellent work.

The filterable/searchable class and member/function lists are incredibly useful, and the tabbed editor windows also speed things up a lot. And (at least compared to last version I tried) much faster compile times to boot.

I can only imagine that as I incorporate more :sk: in to my project the value of all these improvements will improve exponentially.

My only query at this stage, is it possible to increase the font size? The default is a fair bit smaller than what I’d normally use.

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Thanks for the kudos :slight_smile: We’ll look into making the font size adjustable.

My first impression is quite favorable! I haven’t done anything more than a few updates yet, but this IDE is a vast improvement on the previous one. And how the heck did you make the compilation so much faster?? Did you figure out how to slip into another dimension with faster time flow and do it there? It’s instantaneous on my i7 desktop. Pat yourselves on the back because you knocked this one out of the park!