3.0.5279 is out! 4.17 support, new Project-Generated-BP overlay workflow and more

It is that time of the month again where your workflow is becoming yet more skookum!

What’s new?

In a nutshell

  • Unreal Engine 4.17 now officially supported! (we currently support all UE4 versions from 4.12 up to 4.17)
  • the Project-Generated-BP overlay is now using a new, much more efficient file format (one file per class) which makes especially working with large AAA projects a lot smoother
    • the new plugin will automatically switch your project over to the new format
    • IMPORTANT: During automatic conversion to the new format you might temporarily get compile errors until the reflected script files for all the Blueprint classes you use in your scripts have been regenerated. You might have to open up selected Blueprints in your project to force their reflected script files to regenerate. Once all script files have been regenerated all will be good and you’ll enjoy the more efficient workflow with the new file format
  • files in the Project-Generated-BP overlay are automatically added/deleted/checked out from source control to keep them consistent across your team
  • naming of flattened hierarchy overlay folders changed from superclass.class to class.superclass
    • IMPORTANT: In the (unlikely!) case that you have any overlays (other than Project-Generated-BP) in your project that use a flattened folder hierarchy (i.e. the overlay specification in your Skookum-project.ini file ends in |1, |2 etc.) all folders named superclass.class need to be renamed to class.superclass
  • lots of bug fixes

Detailed release notes


  • new class archive overlay file format support
  • compiled binaries are now saved even with errors, to communicate class hierarchy to runtime
  • show UE4 member name in tool tip
  • fixed bug where all overlays were considered project overlays for the default project
  • properly reparse all class declarations when “Force Compile” is selected
  • prevent superclass cycle and eventual IDE lockup when reading faulty overlay
  • improved revision handling when reading class archive files
  • ensured that group [{<>}] font styles scale with other text (JIRA IDE-163)
  • fixed bug where removing a subclass would not remove all its subclasses as well
  • fixed glitches in mechanism the syncs scripts from disk
  • fixed crash when file is externally deleted while IDE is trying to read it

UE4 Plugin

  • new class archive file based Project-Generated-BP overlay format
  • Project-Generated-BP overlay file operations are now routed through source control - new files are added, changed files are checked out, old files are deleted from source control
  • compare cached class archive files with newly generated one in a CR-agnostic way to prevent bogus change detection due EOL conversion by P4
  • switched flattened hierarchy folder naming from superclass.class to class.superclass
  • runtime now reloads binaries from disk even when there were errors (because the IDE saves them now even when they have errors)
  • fixed issue where UE4Editor had to restarted for a new &blueprint function to appear
  • fixed the issue of Blueprints getting marked dirty when Sk nodes inside them are updated
  • fixed bug where classes deleted during level load in cooked builds caused a crash in the Sk->UE4 class lookup code
  • fixed bug where source controlled files could not be overwritten
  • queue up files that need to be checked out when the source control provider has not yet been initialized
  • completely hide SkookumScriptInstanceProperties from generated data declarations
  • disabled Package Path in meta data comment as it has unstable content and can cause bogus script file changes
  • due to changes in 4.17/master, added additional callback handler before Blueprint compilation to ensure all required UFunctions have been generated before compilation
  • removed unused callback handler
  • fixed bug caused by deleting UFunctions of Blueprint functions and custom events not created by SkookumScript
  • fixed bug caused by unsymmetrical invocation of world init and cleanup callbacks
  • added diagnostic message to SkookumScriptGenerator that prints the number of engine and project modules being processed
  • included windows header file the proper way without generating warnings


  • fixed crash when raw member type is null
  • corrected syntax of data members in error message
  • added missing break keywords
  • changed placeholder method from SkMethodFunc to SkMethod with null expression (so it can be serialized and recognized as placeholder by the runtime)
  • updated Boolean methods
  • made error message clearer for misuse of brackets ()


  • fixed incorrect macro invocations
  • fixed bug in template invocation

Get the new plugin from our GitHub repository or as a good old precompiled zip file for Epic Games Launcher users. It will also be available on the Marketplace very soon!

UPDATE 2017-08-29: Now available on the Unreal Marketplace.

As usual, don’t hesitate to ask us for help if you encounter any issues!


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This SkookumScript version 3.0.5279 is now available on the Unreal Marketplace as of late 2017-08-29!

Note that the generated project files have changed their format - follow instructions above or ask questions on the forum if you need help migrating an earlier project.