4.23.1 Release

4.23.1 Release

What’s New

  • A critical :ue4: bug was resolved, :sk: can now be used in a binary engine again!
  • Android platform is fixed and now compiles/runs
  • Helper scripts from the SkHelpers repo have been added to the plugin. For existing users, you may need to modify your project ini file to add the helpers overlay, being sure to adjust overlay numbers so they don’t overlap:
  • Improved build scripts
  • Skookum Invaders Demo project updated for 4.23.1


  • The binary version of :sk: only includes Android libs for the armv7a architecture. If you need arm64 then use the source release.

Get It

:sk: 4.23.1 Source
:sk: 4.23.1 Binary Version
:sk: 4.23.1 Invaders Demo Project
:ue4: SkookumIDE repo


Hooray! Much thanks and appreciation to you for keeping Skookum alive and accessible to the masses!

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Woahhh it’s here! I thought the project was “”“dead”"" while the devs work on something awesome from within the secrecy of the Epic Games walls – thank you thank you thank you. I can’t wait to finally start using Skookum.

MMMMMM yeah reading through the helpers repo alone is getting me way to excited to start using this.

If only I didn’t have an appointment right now… x)

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Hey there!
I’am really glad to see :sk: still being developed :metal:

Is a binary version missing at new repo or am I blind? :thinking:

I am gonna build IDE from source for now :zzz:

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You are not blind, thanks for mentioning this, it looks like I missed this in the migration. I am building a new binary right now from latest 4.23 branch and will post it today.

It’s up: https://github.com/EpicSkookumScript/SkookumScript-Plugin/releases

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