5.1 dropped

Still not seeing Verse…

Do yall still think it will come with the Fortnite creative update?

Please share any updates/opinions, thanks!

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Yeah, I think it will come with creative 2.0. But I’m not sure if it will be released for vanilla Unreal Engine 5.1 yet, although I don’t see any reasons not to. Since it’s supposed to be an standalone language, it should be integrated in the engine as a plugin, so I guess 5.1 is already compatible with Verse as all the glue code needed to support it may have already be implemented.

BTW, some bad news. Creative 2.0 has been delayed to late January according to Tim Sweeney:

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If only there was a private beta/alpha/greek-letter that we could join, oh well, guess we will continue to wait.


Dang, late January now!

So much for earlier December :frowning:

There are rumors saying that the new Fortnite event is being made by using UEFN. If it’s true, there’s a possibility that Fortnite will include the .verse script files.

I wish Epic could give us some more information about Verse.
I wonder if it’s possible to load runtime scripts that can be used in user mod.

I would imagine so. Fornite creative is for modding fortnite (I think, I have nothing to do with fortnite), since it is using verse, one would infer that one of the reasons for verse is for modding. I am sure @Noolarch will comment shortly… =P

Verse will first appear in Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN) which has its Beta release this March 22.
Still SkookumScript (and other plugins) for scripting in Unreal for now.

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