A new version of UE4 is out - and so is a new version of SkookumScript - Hello 3.0.3376!

To celebrate the latest incarnation of Unreal Engine, we are bundling up all the recent improvements into a new officially official release, supporting 4.14 Preview 1!

While making these improvements and bug fixes, we mainly have been working hard behind the scenes on the new Slate-based SkookumIDE. We’ll post an update on that very soon too!

What’s new?

Skookum UE4 Plugin

  • fixed bug where on_detach is called a minute afterdetach
  • fixed bug where WidgetBlueprints were not properly detected as Blueprints by the plugin
  • add rotation conversion operators for Vector3/Vector4
  • fixed a number of linking issues in UE4Editor and UE4Game builds under certain circumstances
  • renamed game_generated to project_generated for clarity
  • removed LaunchDaemonMessages from supported modules as it is causing issues for some users
  • fixed bug where UFUNCTIONs with weak object pointer parameters were incorrectly rejected
  • fixed bug that would not properly handle generated Sk class from blueprint assets with punctuation (e.g. dashes) in the Blueprint asset name
  • fixed glitch where raw arrays couldn’t be grown if necessary
  • fixed bug where an editor-dependent blueprint was loaded for resolving before the editor module was loaded
  • created new branch 4.14!
  • +SkipClasses now properly handled in SkookumScriptGenerator
  • fixed bug where project file generated by UnrealHeaderTool would be named “UnrealHeaderTool” (now properly named like the project)


  • fixed improper handling of ms_sim_ticks in SkookumScript::update_delta(f32 sim_delta)
  • added optional parameter bool * has_signature_changed_p to a number of methods in order to determine if the signature of a routine changed when it is updated with a new revision
  • in SkBrain::initialize_core_classes, bail early if core classes have already been created
  • added ability to generate crc32s from their current state to a number of types in order to be able to identify changes for incremental compilation
  • added methods to generate crc32s of all instance and class data definitions of an SkClass


  • added new eACharMatch ACharMatch_not_white_space_except_lf that will skip white space except for line feed
  • created AScopedDebugPrintPerfCounter, a performance counter that prints time elapsed since construction in its destructor
  • added generate_crc32_uint8(), generate_crc32_uint16() and generate_crc32_uint32() to AChecksum
  • fixed dangling pointer during debug printing

Get the new plugin from our GitHub repository or as a good old precompiled zip file for Epic Games Launcher users.

Also expect it on the Unreal Marketplace soon!

Note that we dropped support for UE 4.11 with this update. We currently support 4.12, 4.13 and 4.14.

As usual, don’t hesitate to ask us for help if you encounter any issues!