Add ProceduralMeshComponent

Can someone help me with adding the ProceduralMeshComponent?
I tried adding this line to the SkookumScript.ini:

But with no success. I’m not able to use this built-in Plugin in the Skookum IDE with my project.

Never mind, it’s working now.
But now I get this code/binary out of sync with C++ Engine error. I guess I have to rebuild SkookumScript. But unfortunately I have no idea how to, and the instructions for this on Github are a dead link. Where did the documentation for SkookumScript go?

Can anyone explain me very short how I can rebuild SkookumScript after adding the module?

If you can’t see then you need to go through the Epic process for getting access to the UE4 repository.

I don’t recommend trying to build a binary version of the :sk: plugin. It is much easier to turn your project into a C++ project and then put the :sk: plugin in your project’s plugin folder. Then you can make whatever changes you want to the plugin.

Thanks, I got it to work. I didn’t know how to properly set it up with Plugins and C++. But now it works.
I’m really looking forward for the new documentation website. Currently it’s just a pain to learn Skookumscript without proper documentation.

The doc migration is being worked on, sorry it is taking so long.