Almost ready to dive into SK but i have a few questions

Hi, i almost finished the core of my game in c++ and i want to use SK for the rest of my project.

But i have a few questions.

In the Pro license tab, i see this:

Binary Runtime
Pre-built binaries for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, tvOS

I’m not entirely sure what does it means. Mainly, what if i want to develop a game for PS4, XboxOne or Nintendo Switch for example. What kind of limitations will i have?

Also, i hope this is not too much to ask but what are the best posts in the forum to learn SK from zero to hero, mainly a good way to make code that can be easily ported to other projects? Actually i would gladly pay for an online course of SK in Udemy or something like that.



With a Standard or Pro License you can run :sk: on any platform that has a pre-built binary. You’ll notice that consoles aren’t on that list, if you want to build for consoles you need to have a conversation with the :sk: folks for a Project License.

I’d start with the official tutorials to get your hands dirty. You might find my article useful as well. If you get stuck on how best to implement something you should post what you want to accomplish/what you’ve tried and see what recommendations people might have.


I have to agree with error454. Especially on his article, was a very useful for showing me a few features in examples that kind of blew my mind in terms of possibilities.

How I started was to make a really basic “game” purely in :sk:, then rebuilt it using all three languages available in UE. It went so well I’ve actually turned it into a full blown project.

If you have any questions never hesitate to make a post, everyone is incredibly helpful and friendly. :smiley:

Beyond the official tutorials you might run into something specific, here are a couple of threads I’ve got bookmarked that I thought were really helpful or were questions I had. Not sure if you’ll run into the same things but if you do here they are:

Using C++ delegates with :sk:

Invoking already invoked coroutines

There are a tonne of useful features in :sk:, especially the dev console in the IDE. Do not discount the dev console in the IDE.

Like I said above, everyone is really helpful and very friendly. If you run into any issues always feel free to ask.

Good luck with :sk:! (though I’m sure you won’t need it)