Basic SkookumScript UE4 Plugin Tutorials

Hello all,

We’re starting a basic tutorial series for newcomers to the SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin. In here, you can expect to learn how to create basic Blueprints in Unreal and manipulate them using various SkookumScript methods and coroutines. You can create your own test project and follow along but you can also download the tutorial project here if you’d rather tinker with it and figure things out for yourself.

The project has multiple maps inside. You’ll find them under Content\FirstPersonBP\Maps in the Content Browser and you can swap between them by double-clicking the map files or by using File > Open Level....

The tutorials will follow in separate posts so you can comment and ask questions on each one individually. And if you’ve got any general comments or requests, feel free to add them here and we will do what we can!

Stay Skookum!






If you’re ready for a more advanced look at :sk:, head on here!


Yes, Finally hope the video tutorials come soon too!

On the way for sure!