Beta Testers For IL

Hello again!

I think that Skookum users/testers would be great at testing whatever abstraction the Agog Labs team(or whatever you fellows are called now) is coming up with. Since we are already familiar with the way development works with Skookumscript, we could find bugs, make suggestions, etc. What do you guys think?

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Did they make an announcement? I would love the idea but right now I’m just curious to know when they will make the announcement.


They didn’t say anything. But based on some twits from Tim Sweeney it seems that they’re making a new language from scratch, which may take a long time, probably at least a year if they don’t announce anything this year for the Epic cloud’s backend (here i was hoping the new language would be used to code the cloud hahaha).

Honestly if they’re making such huge efforts i hope Blueprints will be based on the new language as well (assuming the new IL uses the :sk: tech to make scripting code as fast as C++). This would remove the interoperability complexity between Blueprints and the new IL and would make Blueprints to have some cool superpowers like live editing, remote debugging, etc.


Adding a new IL will have a huge impact and it’s the best thing Epic did in recent years.
It not a secret that they are working on it but too little information. I wonder what keep them from the making the announcement.

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@chrisk414 They don’t want Unity to copycat them.

Thanks for the enthusiasm!

We really appreciate your past and current support and would be happy to tap into your talents and feedback when we can. We will post here and other areas when anything related to your interest is available to be seen or used. :madsci:

That being said - as we’ve mentioned before:

  • we cannot discuss any Epic/Unreal new tech until it is publicly announced
  • nothing is announced until it is ready/done
  • the stuff we are working on is big and will take a while

Skookum is usable and lives on. We’ll be working to make it easier to update and be enhanced by the community.


Any news on the new scripting language you’re working on.
Doing some prototyping in blueprints here… using Timers and thinking about Skookum, branch, race, coroutines… :roll_eyes:
A video, work-in-progress, a herd of horses, in a test level for my game: