Better IntelliSense windows?

The IntelliSense window is rather tiny compared to how much space is available. In my resolution it only displays 6 entries. I use the IDE on a rotated screen so the window could be much bigger. The window shape itself also changes while scrolling, depending on the entries inside, which is a bit distracting compared to how other systems like Visual Assist X works.

I also noticed that all entries for “this” are show as orange, coming from Visual Assist X i feel color coding would improve readability a lot and having those VAX buttons to filter by static/method/member/superclass in the window.


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Yes, there are a number of improvements that would make the auto-complete feature better.

The current iteration of it just focused on basic functionality.

Improving it is on our to do list - both in terms in functionality and aesthetics.

Please keep on making your observations and suggestions. They are great! It will help direct the improvements once we get there and also shows which features are in demand.

p.s. IntelliSense is a MS Visual Studio feature. We just call it the SkookumIDE auto-complete.