Bind C++ Function error

hi I’m from China, I wanna bind my c++ classes(which are with macro UClass) to skookum, but there’s a problem that when I press compile in skookum, an error (“143 atomic routines have been declared via script files without being associated with c++ functions”, picture attached below), I dont know what’s wrong.error

Actually I downloaded demo project “FireBot” for reference, and I simulated and set up all settings(I guess all) such as, config files same to “FireBot” in project, but it’s strange that “FireBot” project worked fine, myproject gave me the error above.

Does you main game module cpp file contain the following line?

#include <SkUEProjectGeneratedBindings.generated.inl> 

thx for reply, well your answer is the key!! I am so stupid that I did not read the demo instruction carefully, it’s all solved now.