Binding SkookumScript to own C++ (UE4)

I mainly wanted to use SkookumScript as a scripting language for the modders of my game when it is already shipped and packaged. Meaning that I do not want to bind up the whole of UE4’s engine to SkookumScript but only the C++ functions I have made for the game and then make those callable from SkookumScript (for making game-specific API).

Or if possible (best if possible) still use SkookumScript’s UE4 plugin which is bound to the whole of the engine, make the core of the game with SkookumScript and then only allow modders to call certain methods without exposing the source code of the game.

Or if noone of the above solutions is possible use another scripting language that has SkookumScript methods bound to it (for example SkookumScript methods bound to Lua or C#).

Are any of these possible to do with SkookumScript?

What you are describing is definitely part of our plan. You can start working with all scripts available now and we can come up with more of a sandboxed mechanism like you describe in the future.

Here is another related post on the subject:

Sounds very good. This way one can start working on the core game and then later implement an API for the game and modders to use.
If i really wanted though I could call SkookumScript methods in C++ functions and then bind those C++ functions to let’s say C# or Lua. Right? I read about something like that where I could call SkookumScript from C++ here: