Bookmarks for classes and methods

Create a list of methods, coroutines or classes by favoriting them

Click the method/couroutine’s class/instance logo to favorite them
Favorited items would be highlighted in some way, maybe by changing their text color

Or add a column to the left of them to serve as a favorite button, would also work with the classes window

The favourites window could be an expanable list and/or resizable row or column
Like a web browser

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Place pins inside a method

Each pin has a unique color, the pins will appear in their own section
Clicking a pin will navigate you to it

Pins can be given names, highlighting a pin will show its name in a popup

This can help a user to manage more complicated methods
Can also help when working with a team as a way to help others find their way around your code

An option to show or hide pins can be included as a way to prevent the editor window from being too cluttered

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I think that pins inside a routine and bookmarking an entire routine are just different levels of granularity on the same navigation concept so I moved the pins post here.