Bracket group coloring

Hmm. It is trivial to do this, so I took a look.

Here is the current color scheme with different shades of green:

And here is a 120 degree triad scheme:

Definitely colorful. :madsci:
Not sure if I like the aesthetics, though certainly more discernible.

One of the plans for the future SkookumIDE is to make it so that with the press of a simple hotkey (for example holding down left Ctrl) that all expressions would have their backgrounds with a different color block. This could eventually make SkookumScript optionally look more like a visual programming language (such as Scratch) at glance to make it really obvious how things are grouped together - though still keep it text based.

I like the idea that we could hook up these more discernible colors to the Ctrl key right now to start off visualizations. I’ll look into that.

What do you think?

Some things always sound better on paper :smile: I agree that it looks off, I think it’s the yellow.

The left-Ctrl thing sounds interesting, I don’t think I quite grasp it though, would you be able to color individual paragraphs in the same file? I had to look up Scratch to remember I did a game jam with it 2 years ago. Are you thinking blue vs orange vs purple nodes like this screenshot?

Woah dude…


With respect to expression visualization blocks, it wouldn’t look anything like that screenshot.

It would be more subtle - text with some color hinting underneath. Just another on paper idea that I have had for many years though I haven’t figured out the specifics yet.

We hope to add lots of useful and subtle visualizations for the SkookumIDE. I think this area of development tools isn’t very well tapped yet. Obviously many people have tried, though it is very tricky to get right.

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