Calling BP library or BP interface functions within SK

I’m not sure how this can be accomplished as BP library and BP interface functions are instance methods, how would I go about getting an instance of either of the two?

I’ve seen mention that this is not something that is currently supported, is there any way for this to be done without involving additional BP nodes?

Do you have a concrete example of a function you’d like to call?

None specifically, I was thinking about using BP function libraries as a way to call custom BP nodes added by a plugin. SK does not support BP nodes added by third-party plugins; I thought that this could be a way around that in the meantime.

Hi sorry for the radio silence.

Have you tried script-enabling your third-party plugin as described in this post?

As far as BP libraries are concerned, Sk supports these. Look for example at UKismetRenderingLibrary. It is derived from UBlueprintFunctionLibrary and has a number of static member functions decorated with the UFUNCTION macro. Sk automatically finds those via its UnrealHeaderTool plugin and makes them available for use in Sk. In the IDE, browse to KismetRenderingLibrary to see examples.