Can't map BP Actor variable to SK


I have BP Actor variable and :sk: maps it to EntityClass and I can’t figure out how to get Actor from it.

What I’m trying to do is to spawn the actor in :sk: from the BP variable

Because I can’t get the actor, I tried like below instead,

!projectile_transform : @mesh.socket_transform(@projectile_spawn_socket)
!actor_class : @weapon_slot.static_class

!actor : GameLib.begin_spawning_actor_from_class(
actor_class: actor_class,
spawn_transform: projectile_transform
GameLib.finish_spawning_actor(actor, actor.transform)

It compiled ok but it failed to create the actor (null)

This is a weak link in :sk:. See this

Thanks for the pointer. I’ll keep my eye on the bug fix lists. ^^