COOL , Dynamic Script

I wanted to try Unreal 4, but I was amazed that there was no official dynamic script.
But looking at SkookumScript, it looks like a pretty cool dynamic script.
Is SkookumScript merged with Epic company?

If so, is it possible to develop steadily without the risk of maintenance interruption?

[Support for the latest version of Unreal seems to be quite late.]

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Yes, SkookumScript now it’s owned by Epic, you can still use it but UE5 will come out with is new scripting language made by the creators of Skookum Script ( at least what I know).

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Is there any reason why the creators of Skookum are making another new scripting language in UE5?

Thanks for the interest @Outlaw and welcome!

I’ll see if we can update the marketplace version of SkookumScript so that it is readily available for the latest UE4 versions. SkookumScript still works great (via github) and I recommend that teams use it - for the workbench console or even full game logic. :sk:

I’d love to talk about what we are cooking up at Epic and give guidance for the future though we can only comment once things are released to the public

Seeing the quick responses from the developers in the community, I will believe in and start studying.


Hi, Noolarch, that’s fair and perhaps we can talk about public information.
I have a simple question based on what I see in the video.
The sample script inherits directly from another class.
Does this mean the new script can work independently without having a blueprint?
One of the difficulties using SK is that things must be written in both SK and BP and it often clutter things. I rather have a clean script without BP if possible.