Couldn't rename class when moving files

When moving one or move files, an error message appears.
As far as I can tell, the message can be safely ignored any time it appears in this circumstance.
My issue with it is that it makes moving files take about 5 seconds every time.

Is there a way to prevent SK from attempting to rename a class when you move it?
In its current form, the attempt fails every time but no issues arise as a result.

Can you tell us:

  • What type of files are you moving?
  • What mechanism are you using to move them?
  • Where are you moving them to?

This happens with any file of any type when moved to any location via the editor’s drag-and-drop

We’ll take a look and figure out how to make it more friendly.

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Sorry, we are still not sure what you mean.

When you say “editor” which editor do you mean?

  • the UE4 editor
  • the SkookumIDE
  • Windows File explorer

Where in said editor are you dragging from and to specifically?

Can you please give a specific example? Even if it is particular to your project that is okay. We just need some idea of what you are talking about.

SkookumIDE can drag around tabs and windows, though that seems fine.

We tried moving asset files in the UE4 editor content browser and that seems fine. Moving objects in the view panes also seem fine.

Moving script files and folders with the Windows File explorer has the SkookumIDE pick up the changes and reflected in its Classes widget. Seems to work with whole classes or single routines.

Either we cannot reproduce what you are saying or we do not understand what it is that you are describing.

Sorry for not being clear

The editor I meant was the UE editor

Here is a short video example (381.7 KB)

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