Documentation offline?

I’m considering using SkookumScript for my next project (since I don’t want to deal with C++ compile times and also don’t want to deal with 50 blueprint nodes for a simple calculation…) however… all the documentation seems to be offline?
Is there an alternative location or are the offline docs available somewhere?
I’m on UE4.24 and installed the plugin from the marketplace.

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Yes - the docs are temporarily off line.

We are converting them to GitHub pages and it is proving a bit trickier than anticipated. :madsci:

Until they are available you can use the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. It is slow, though it works.

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I mirrored the page from the wayback machine and it works fine (with a local dev web server). If anyone’s interested I could put that archive somewhere, but I’d have to be okay with you guys @Noolarch

I’ll eventually get those web pages up - even with more content. Apologies for the delay…

Hi, I don’t usually like to bump but I wondered if there was any update on the docs? I’m a few months into UE, getting a bit frustrated with C++ iteration issues and wondering whether to use Skookum. Missing docs adds to the feeling that maybe it’s heading for mothballs and I shouldn’t depend on it for a new project, but the features look so nice!

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Yes I agree with the perception. The documentation update delay is totally my bad. I ran into some depressing incompatibilities with the previous version of the docs and what I thought would be a simple conversion has ended up being many hours of work. l’ll commit to working on the docs at least every second day until they get up regardless of other priorities.

I still hear of games created with SkookumScript on several platforms that are published regularly, so there are dev teams out there who are still happily using SkookumScript for their projects. :sk:

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Wow, thanks, that’s more than I could have reasonably expected - just putting the old docs back online or a zipped scrape of them would have been fine :slight_smile:

Hi, could you share the zip file of the documentation? using wayback is too slow. You could put somewhere like gdrive so anyone can pick it up or write how to mirror all the doc pages.


I expect to have the full docs back within a week or so. If things take any longer I’ll put up a zip file.

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Cool, because after all this time I can’t find the zip any more :wink:

Thank you, really! I’m start using UE4 becouse other engines doesn’t have what I want to, but for me C++ is too much and blueprint isn’t good for everything without going crazy. I really like the power of SkookumScript, I know that is a dead project but who cares its complete and I can do everything so its worth it! I’m very excited about what you are doing inside Epic, hope that this new scripting language that you are creating is going to be out soon. Hope that Epic will continue to update the SkookomScript plugin (right now works until 4.24). If you have time (I don’t think so) you can put other tutorials in the help, like comunication between scripts, etc…
Thanks for all your work!


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:sk: actually works on 4.25 as well. You just need to download the 4.25 branch from github and download the 4.24 release and just copy paste the SkookumIDE folder from 4.24 to 4.25. Placing the :sk: plugin in your Project/Plugins/ folder is enough to compile it.

Also, i know that not having documentation sucks but there are a few demos in the github repository. I really like the Space Invaders demo that “error404” made, it has a lot of stuff made in :sk: (It’s pretty much a complete game made in Skookum Script).

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Thank you! I did the tutorials, and I just download the Space Invader demo, I’m not shy to say that I’m strugling with the syntax :smile: especcially the @ and @@ stuff.
About the 4.25 version, I thought that the “compile” means to download the source code and compile it with visual studio! if is just a copy and paste then I’ll do it!

Thanks for the help.

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