Documentation offline?

I’m considering using SkookumScript for my next project (since I don’t want to deal with C++ compile times and also don’t want to deal with 50 blueprint nodes for a simple calculation…) however… all the documentation seems to be offline?
Is there an alternative location or are the offline docs available somewhere?
I’m on UE4.24 and installed the plugin from the marketplace.

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Yes - the docs are temporarily off line.

We are converting them to GitHub pages and it is proving a bit trickier than anticipated. :madsci:

Until they are available you can use the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. It is slow, though it works.

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I mirrored the page from the wayback machine and it works fine (with a local dev web server). If anyone’s interested I could put that archive somewhere, but I’d have to be okay with you guys @Noolarch

I’ll eventually get those web pages up - even with more content. Apologies for the delay…