Double-click Skookum BP node to show its definition in the IDE

As the title says, this would be a nice navigational addon and would help working in BP and SK together feel more natural

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This is a good idea and we would like to make :sk: nodes in a BP graph be more SkookumScript aware and more interactive with the SkookumIDE.

Did you also know that the :sk: button in the UE4 toolbar detects the currently selected node and instructs the SkookumIDE to browse to it if a SkookumScript-equivalent class or routine exists?

I see that this :sk: button behavior is only mentioned in the forum so we’ll be sure to add it to the online documentation!

UPDATE: The :sk: button is now in the online documentation.

I didn’t know that, thanks! :smiley:

Also, I seem to not have access to the second post you linked

Right! I removed the link, it was actually a work in progress post not the post I meant to link to.