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SkookumScript Unreal Engine 4 Plugin

Unreal Marketplace version (easy install via Epic Games Launcher)

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It can sometimes take a while for Epic Games to make the latest update to the SkookumScript UE4 Plugin available on the Unreal Marketplace, so in the interim we occasionally provide a precompiled zip file (below) that advanced or impatient Epic Games Launcher users can add to Epic Launcher by hand. (Instructions here)

Precompiled SkookumScript Plugin 3.0.5565 for Unreal Engine 4.19/Epic Games Launcher
Precompiled SkookumScript Plugin 3.0.5565 for Unreal Engine 4.18/Epic Games Launcher
Precompiled SkookumScript Plugin 3.0.5565 for Unreal Engine 4.17/Epic Games Launcher

All plugin source code and headers for the SkookumScript C++ API are available via GitHub. We haven’t moved all of the comments from cpp files to hpp files yet, so if something is not clear please ask!


Make sure to download for the version UE4 and for the version of the SkookumScript plugin that you are using.

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C++ Only Classes with Blueprint annotations being bound to Sk
Supercharge Unreal Engine 4.11 with the latest SkookumScript plugin for it - 3.0.2391 Beta is out!
Butterflies are skookum!
Butterflies are skookum!
3.0.5279 is out! 4.17 support, new Project-Generated-BP overlay workflow and more
Hello 3.0.5093 with support for event dispatchers, delegates, Blueprint functions, custom events, name collision resolution and more!
SkookumScript 3.0.4885 is out! 4.16 support, user defined enums and more!
Hello 3.0.4603! New dormant plugin mode, improved search for members and more
3.0.4462 is here! Lots of stability improvements and easier C++ project setup
UE4 Blueprint to Skookum Script
Failed moving project information from temporary to editable location
3.0.4135 is here and it has the new SkookumIDE!
4.15.0 Preview 1 is out and so is SkookumScript 3.0.3838!
UStructs not showing in IDE
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Double Question! Can blueprint nodes made by skookum have returns? And is there a way to get the closest actor from instances?
3.0.3174 is here! 4.13.0 support plus 600 new auto-generated event coroutines and much faster compile times for C++ projects
Unreal Engine 4.13 Preview 1 now supported!
3.0.3078 now supports multiplayer and game DLL hotloading
3.0.2983 hot off the press - C++ projects now supported by engine plugin + FireBot, our brand new C++ project demo!
3.0.2822 Beta is out! 4.12 now supported on Marketplace, new components plus lots of new features and bug fixes
3.0.2234 Beta brings SkookumScript to your Android device!
Hello 3.0.5466! 4.18 support, new Find dialog for IDE and more
3.0.2079 Beta is out - minor update with tweaks and bug fixes
3.0.2020 Beta brings 4.10.1 support plus workflow and integration polish
3.0.1956 Beta hot off the press! Console-Only Mode, Level Minds, Mac support, lots of workflow improvements
3.0.5546 is here: Parameter hints, the ultimate type inference and more
3.0.5565 is here! Unreal Engine 4.19 now supported
Newbie question about Github
3.0.1897 Beta is here with Blueprint structs, default arguments and more!
3.0.1897 Beta - get your hands on it!
3.0.1856 Beta with bug fixes and updated demo!
3.0.1773 Beta is here!
3.0.5565 is here! Unreal Engine 4.19 now supported
Get the SkookumScript UE4 Plugin!
Exposing instance_data to the gui of unreal