Evolving SkookumIDE editor widgets with additional visual layers and hints

We plan to make SkookumIDE Editor widgets more visually rich and a number of enhancements are all related to this so here is a topic for the common considerations.

The SkookumIDE would probably have several modes and visual hints and layers:

  • rich view
  • plain text
  • disassembly (what the parser sees)

Visual layers:

  • code block groupings
  • rich comments
  • language context (class types, parameter names and types)
  • bookmarks
  • debugging info (current expression, breakpoints, value info, …)

This information could either be inferred from the parser context and various built-in heuristics or analysis, markdown-like markup in the comments or side-along data that details any extras.

In general, any info that cannot be inferred from context or heuristics should probably be best stored in markup in normal text comments and just have the IDE display them appropriately. This would make such visualization details always part of the script files and work easily with version control and non-SkookumIDE editors, etc.

Feel free to jump in with any ideas or comments.

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Sounds great! More feature rich IDE would be welcomed at any time. ^^

You showed an example of code block groupings with highlight, aka, frame-based editing, or scope hightlight. If you plan to code block grouping highlights like frame-based editing, there is no need for using [ ] for grouping and save [ ] for something else. Using [ ] will actually get in the way to make the block misaligned. We can just use indentation for the grouping instead. It will make the code clean and navigating in/out, up/down the code blocks much easier. I hope that’s what you plan to do.

And will your bookmark support ‘automatic bookmark’ system in addition to manual bookmark as I was mentioning before?
It will create bookmark automatically and shows visual history when you jump around functions. You can go back and forward to the bookmark. This is supported commonly many IDEs. And you can also jump to a specific bookmark. This, I haven’t seem any IDE except Unity plugin I showed you before.
In a large system like UE, a good bookmark tool can really save lots of time.


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