Failed moving project information from temporary to editable location

I am following the steps here:

SkookumIDE is working, and I am able to interact with the running game from the IDE. I am using the 4.11 branch of Skookum UE4 Plugin (as I am using version 4.11 of UE4).

I am now trying to “Next step: SkookumScript-enable your project”, but when the IDE attempts to update my project, it fails.

My project in is Perforce, so most files are read-only. I have checked out DefaultEngine.ini (as it was mentioned in the description of what this step does).

Are there additional files I need to check out? Is this step something I could do manually? If so, what steps to I need to perform (the docs are very vague about what is happening behind the scenes here).


Hi Matt - we no longer support 4.11. Currently, 4.12-4.15 is supported. Is there a particular reason you are using 4.11?

We are building on an existing shipped game, with a heavily modified version of UE4.11, and as such no longer taking updates from Epic because we have diverged too far from the vanilla version of UE4.

When you say 4.11 is no long supported, do you mean:

a) You no longer provide technical support for teams using 4.11 or
b) 4.11 does not work anymore.

If (b), what about it doesn’t work? Shouldn’t getting the 4.11 branch of SkookumScript off GitHub still work (that is what I did).


We maintain and test the SkookumScript plugin for the most current versions of UE4, usually the most recent three. We do make exceptions though when there is strong interest in an older version.

We’ll look into reviving the 4.11 plugin and bringing it back up to date - I’ll let you know shortly. I assume you are using VS2015?

Yes we use VS2015.

I’m not clear on what you mean by bringing it up to date, though. I am using the 4.11 version of the plugin (not master branch) with a 4.11 version of the unreal engine (not latest version). If it worked back when UE4.11 was current, I would think it would still work now.

I suspect that the only issue I am having is due to having unreal engine in Perforce (and so all files are read-only unless manually checked out). I think I just need to know what files to unlock when performing the “SkookumScript-enable your project” step; a list of all files that it is going to attempt to edit.

We mean we will put the new SkookumIDE and the latest enhancements and fixes for the language and the UE4 plugin into our UE4.11 branch.

We’ll get you an updated UE4.11 build shortly.

(Apologies for the slow replies - we’ve been running our SkookumScript booth at GDC this week. It was amazing!)

Just adding for clarification here: The SkookumScript plugin is versioned independently of UE4. The latest SkookumScript plugin version is 3.0.4135, we released it last week on the 4.12-4.15 branches and it includes our brand new IDE. We suspended updates to the 4.11 branch in September 2016, so the plugin in the 4.11 branch is still at version 3.0.3174 which is now 6 months old. We are in the process of merging 4.0.4135 back into the 4.11 branch though and should have something for you early next week. :slight_smile:

The error you were initially experiencing shouldn’t be related to Perforce, as enabling a project for SkookumScript is creating new files that should not interfere with existing source controlled files. Once we have brought 4.11 up to date you should try this again and hopefully have no issues.

Good news! We merged our latest into the 4.11 branch, so if you pull from GitHub on the 4.11 branch you will have the most recent version of our plugin, compatible with UE4.11. It also includes our brand new IDE. Hope that will address the error you have been experiencing.

After upgrading, we recommend that you run a Clean on UnrealHeaderTool to make sure our latest UHT plugin re-runs prior to building the engine.

We also posted 4.11-compatible versions of our demo projects SkookumDemo and FireBot on our download page. The FireBot project is an example of how to integrate SkookumScript with C++. For more details on this, check out our guide on how to set up a C++ project to work with SkookumScript.

We released the new IDE just two weeks ago, and there are still a few minor glitches. We are working on these as we speak. If there are any other issues, please let us know - we’re here to help!

Oh wow, very cool! Thanks, I’ll give it a shot soon hopefully.