Filter Class/function List in the IDE by Overlays?

Hi, i can’t find a way to filter the class view by overlay. Basically its hard to understand what custom sk classes/functions have been added to a project, without checking the Script folder structure by hand and search/filter for the specific names. What i would like is a way to only show what was added/changed by the project instead of having it mixed with all the default/auto reflected overlays.

As example i would like to have a filter that is similar to what the Project/Scripts folder/file structure looks like, so i can easily spot the custom project script changes.



Hi Andy - this is on our todo list but not currently supported yet. We agree it would be very useful!

As well as filtering, we also plan to assign colors to overlays and then color code members and maybe classes.

Thx for the info and keep up the good work :slight_smile:
Now i cant wait for being able to directly handle/override BP events/functions in Sk, without the need for a “handle_xy” routing call :slight_smile:

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Right, you are referring to overriding BlueprintImplementable events? That is on our immediate dolist as well. The next update is going to support Blueprint custom events, Blueprint functions and event dispatchers.

Will this also allow us to directly handle input and action mapping events/callbacks in Sk or do we still need a BP to connect those events to a Sk “handle…” call?

Yep and I cannot wait for it =)

Handling input events would be an additional feature but not too hard to add. It’s on our dolist. You would then be able to grab the player’s InputComponent and attach delegates to it that run SkookumScript code.