Fire Bot demo 5093-4.16

In the FirebotCharacter constructor there are instructions to run three lines in the console (REPL?)

I am encountering errors like “get_from” is not a method. I changed it to “from”. Then an error saying “location_type” is not in scope.

Just wanted to get a torch to light via these commands. :slight_smile:

// Skookum calls to spawn some vfx. We're currently doing it in C++ but this is how
// they look like in Sk. Try calling them in the console while the game is running!

//  !vfx : ParticleSystem.load("/Game/StarterContent/Particles/P_Fire.P_Fire")
//  !mesh : StaticMeshComponent.get_from(**insert target actor here**)
//  !vfx_component : GameLib.spawn_emitter_attached(vfx, mesh, Name!("root"), location_type#EAttachLocation.@@snap_to_target_including_scale)    

Hi - this comment contains outdated syntax. The correct way to attach the fire vfx is:

!vfx : ParticleSystem.load("/Game/StarterContent/Particles/P_Fire.P_Fire")
!mesh : StaticMeshComponent.from(@'BP_TreeStump_476')
!vfx_component : GameLib.spawn_emitter_attached(vfx mesh "root".Name location_type : EAttachLocation.@@snap_to_target_including_scale)

We’ll update the demo source code in the next official update.

Let me know if this works for you!