Getting skinstance for an actor

Can someone explain how I can get an SkInstance for a particular AActor from inside C++? The reason I need it is I’d like to call into Skookum from C++. I’m going off the following quote on another thread:

If you want to call from C++ into SkookumScript, just use the :sk: C++ API directly. Get access to a SkInstance object and call either: method_call() - multi argument version method_call() - 0/1 argument version method_query() - 0/1 argument version returning true/false coroutine_call() -

I was able to get the SkInstance for the mind component via the following:

	SkMind *myMind  = static_cast<SkMind *>(m_mind_instance_p.get_obj());

But not sure how you get it on an arbitrary actor… I thought my actor only had the ClassData component, so I’m not sure how to get that?