Godot support

Starting to port the library to other engine

What engine? :sunglasses:

I’m going to use godot, not massive like UE but have the real 2D editor that i want and the community is really nice


I think Godot would be a great fit for Skookum, do keep us posted!

@0x90 Do you have any news to share on this?
I’m also interested in Godot support.

@kurayama well… sadly not much to say… just waiting to see what is the right way to work with the ownership of the :sk: code…

I don’t want break any rule and be against the laws… Then recommended by @error454 i mail :ue4: to ask them, then they say post in the hub but nothing more to say… they dot put attention to this :confused:


Probably @Noolarch can help us to reach the EU “legal” team (or any, if can help), or guide us in a safe spot…

Because moving from UE to Godot, from my point of view not only require a basic steps, need rewrite some parts of the core itself… or make a “vanilla” version of :sk:

But make that could be against the current license, i don’t know… (I’m now a lawyer expert…)

Any way if any in the community can help with this, i appreciate…

If any other Skookumites are reading this post please go to the link: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/926973/view.html and post something in order to bump the post. Help @0x90 out!