Great curated posts to learn about SkookumScript

We’ve been focusing on the SkookumIDE, the SkookumScript UE4 plugin and the SkookumScript language itself - and the online SkookumScript Docs are still pretty light. We often have posts on the forum that fill in some of the documentation gaps and we’ll eventually convert them to full documentation/manual pages. Until then, here are a few curated forum posts that should help give some extra understanding.

These posts are not written as proper documentation so they still might be missing info or not be listed in the best order to learn. Please feel free to add onto these posts (even if they are old) to ask for more clarity. Also feel free to suggest other useful posts that you think should be added to this curated list.



UE4 Integration

Workflow for instance specific scripts:

C++ Projects:


Calling superclass method:

Calling superclass constructors and destructors - see section “Bug 1: calling the superclass”:

Creating a list - in section “Other notes and tips on Lists”:

List item types:


Param names for closure implicit parameters:

Type conversion:

Return arguments:

Custom data structures:

Enums and constants:


Master Mind classes - explains the starting point for much SkookumScript behavior and how behaviors that take time to complete (coroutines) get updated:

Controlling which mind a coroutine uses for its updating:

Advanced coroutine control:

branch command:
Big update in Slate IDE so it now works like split idea.

change command:

Coroutine update order

Data members

Binding and assignment:

Data member initialization:

Predicate ? data and method members:

Unassigning a variable:

&raw data members

SkookumIDE & Compiler


Text and symbolic search (a bit outdated with the Slate version of the SkookumIDE):

C++ API and Extending SkookumScript

End-user modding

Eval - related to end-user modding

Calling :sk: from C++: