Handling input

This is the way to go for handling input? There is no pure Skookum way right? If so, might this be added at some point?

This is how I’ve been doing it but I use input bindings instead of the raw events. It would be kind of cool if :sk: allowed equivalent behavior of overriding SetupInputComponent for both player controllers and pawns. Letting you bind a function to an axis or key event.


MoveForward/MoveRight are axis mappings set in project settings. That what you meant by input bindings?

You’re absolutely right! I mistook them for a raw event like Gamepad Left Analog X-Axis :confused:

I tried making my own input controls in my custom pawn:
(function was called “handle_horizontal()” and looks like this:

(Real axis) 
  // Your code here.
  @move_vec.@x = axis
  println("Move vec X: " axis)

Axis in project settings is called “Horizontal”
Does this have to be in the default pawn or something?

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It can be in any pawn - you currently just have to hook it up to a Blueprint as shown in the image above.

Any way to do it without Blueprint with a custom pawn?

Not currently - you need the Blueprint as glue.