Hierarchy Generation

I was curious how, in the SkookumScript IDE, you fellows are producing the hierarchy under the classes tab. I want to scan the folders with an external program in order to generate the hierarchy from the directories. I was not able to find a single place where all the directories were together with their associated methods and data. Are y’all parsing the c++, is it a config file somewhere, did you do it all by hand (hopefully not)? Thanks!

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The class hierarchy comes from the overlays which are described in the project file for a project:

The way in which overlays describe their classes can differ from overlay to overlay - it isn’t a trivial mechanism unfortunately. The Engine-Generated overlay in particular is in one big generated archive file that needs to be parsed to determine the classes. The idea is always to make using Sk easy, though the implementation of the Skookumscript compiler is quite complex. :madsci:

You can see more details in the the online docs at Overlay files. (You might want to refresh that page to ensure you have the most up-to-date version of the page - I just updated it.)