How are things?

Hello @Noolarch/@GreatGuru,

Is the work going smoothly? Just a simple yes or no would suffice =)

Fairly smoothly, though lots of competing challenges and lots being done internally before anything being released into the wild.
Hope you are doing well as can be in this crazy year!

Stay true to your vision! =)

I am doing very well.

Hi, guys,

It’s good to hear from the scientist, now an Epic employee. ^^
I really wish we heard some information as to what the new IL will look like, so that we can all give some useful feedback.

It will make me really sad (mad) if we hear nothing by the time UE5 first makes its appearance next March.
It’s been almost 2 years and it is very painful to wait in dead-silence. Sk was already very capable back then and it will be very much perfect by today if you guys didn’t get picked up by Epic.

So, please understand that there are some die-hard fans here waiting quietly and I know that there will be many new that they don’t even know what they don’t know if they really understand the power behind it. There is big gap between Blueprint and C++ and Epic should realize that they left with big hole between it.

Anyway, please keep the good work and fight the internal nay-sayers releasing some info to us for some feedbacks. I think you guys really need it, if not, I’m beginning to thing that there is something going wrong. hope not. ^^


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This was released today. May be the first look into the new IL :wink:

More info:

Also, really interesting that Epic trademarked “Unreal Verse” back in January, under the description “downloadable computer software development tools”. This is relevant because the filetype of the script above is “.verse”:


Wow! finally! I’m so excited.
So, it’s going to be a Python variant. Not my first choice, but many will like it and it’s a smart decision for Epic as it will be easy to build tools around it.
It’s just that someone other than the Mad Scientists has to spill the beads. ^^
Please keep the good work!

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Nice digging, it looks like a cross between C# style conventions and python influenced white spacing. I had a feeling that they would drop the skookum syntax, too bad =(. In any case, excited for a coroutines first, repl focused, interactive language.

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I really hope that Epic has got the mad scientists for adding a scripting language to Unreal and not just for Fortnite !

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Hi, guys, I was a bit bored just waiting. If you are interested, please share some of your ideas about the new IL.

I started to use SK again thinking that it won’t be too hard to port to the new IL and I actually really enjoy using it. In a hindsight, SK would be much better shape today if it weren’t grabbed by Epic and I would be just as happy as using SK. Having said that, I have high expectations for the new IL to make up for the missed opportunity. ^^



@cronofearsoftworks have you found any more nuggets lately?

Nothing new, unfortunately. Hopefully it will be silently released with first version of UE5, which should be (hopefully) around the corner :grimacing:.

I use Rider for Unreal Engine and found this in their latest patch notes:

  • Thanks to the detailed feedback from the Epic Games team, added initial support for Unreal Engine 5.