How to compile and run scripts in runtime?

I want to make game in UE4, with dynamical mod loading, by loading scripts from server and running them. I found, that in one of the threads you mentioned possibility to compile arbitrary scripts as little binary snippets, with some C++ tinkering. I looked through source code, but didnt understand how to do it. Can get less vague steps for doing it, if it is possible? And would that method be viable for what I want to do?

Can you give a little more detail so I can best respond?

What problem are you hoping to solve with dynamically loading scripts?

Here are some reasons that I can think of and many of them have different solutions:

  • the game is expected to be large (open world or MMO) to the point where all the game behavior cannot fit in memory at once
  • make the client side of a game as lean as possible so you only add scripts as you need them while you progress through the game
  • you want to be able to do add-on patches or new dowloadable content (DLC)
  • user created content (in the form of scripted behavior) can be added to the game after it ships

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I want to have in game user created mods(that have scripts), that are hosted on user hosted servers, and they can be loaded dynamically by remote clients to play on that server.

I’ve moved my questions and answers to the “End user modding” post since that seems to be where you are interested.