How to create Blueprint node input that is an Actor Class Reference?

I need to use an Actor Class Reference as an argument to a :sk: function, and use this in Blueprints.
Problem is, the equivalent I found in SkookumIDE is EntityClass, and when I use this in Blueprints the dropdown is blank – it’s not possible to select anything. The type of the input shows “Class Object Reference”, and I don’t know how to make this an “Actor Class Reference” (similar to built-in BP functions like Spawn Actor from Class).

More Details:
I am trying to create a function for use in Blueprints, similar to Spawn Actor, called “Get or Create Instance”. The purpose is to access a singleton actor without worrying about whether it’s been instantiated yet.

As you know, in Blueprints there are a number of built-in functions with dropdown arguments that let you filter/choose from a list of Actor types (example: Spawn Actor from Class).

These inputs are colored purple, meaning they are references. If you promote them to a variable, the type is “Actor Class Reference”. However, the generated type for that variable in SkookumScript will be EntityClass. When using EntityClass as a function argument, there’s no way in Blueprints to select an Actor type!

If I’m understanding correctly, this means that there’s currently no way to create a function argument in SkookumScript that shows up in Blueprints as a Class Reference and allows you to select a type – because the dropdown/filter list will always be blank. Is this correct?

Thank you in advance for any help!

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