How To Learn The Syntax


I have recently been admitted into the shookum script unreal beta, and i have no real way to learn the language, so could someone point me in a direction?

Thanks already,

PS: I have watched all of the tutorial videos.

We have a bunch more docs and tutorials coming though we are currently super busy at the Game Developers Conference. So maybe some added tonight and definitely next week.

Ok, thanks, i have break for the next three weeks, so i hope i can learn it by then

We are in the middle of updating our entire website including adding more docs.

Until then, take a look at some of the examples for the Workspace (REPL) - they work in tandem with the SkookumDemo which you can download and experiment on.

The doc pages on :ue4: also have more info and examples.

Also take a look at the Syntax page - it isn’t as nice as a bunch of examples though it is all there.

Any estimated date when this change are going to be applied including the addition of the new UI?
I’m really excited to introduce Skookum to my workflow and to our team!

Here is some info on the new SkookumIDE UI:

New docs will be spread out over the next few weeks.

Yeah I just saw it and commented there, any news on the website and videos update? I really want to do the prototype of the game I’m working under Skookum! But still gotta learn it.

As for more documentation, the text docs will probably come first. We might also squeeze in some video tutorials over the next while.