How to use BerzerkRobot class

I can not assign BerzerkRobot to default master mind class , so how to run the class?

The class BerzerkRobots (with an s) is not a subclass of the Master class so it will not accept it as the starter class.

BerzerkRobots is currently added as a “level mind” in the 'SkookumDemo" project as is described in the docs -

Any subclass of Mind or Actor can be added to your level in this fashion and will be created and run at the level start.

Subclasses of Master can also be set as the “Starter Master mind class” in the project settings which will be run when the :sk: scripts for that project are initially started regardless of the level.

Thank you very much. I got it.
By the way, I want to use Sk script for implementing AI.
Do you think it a better way to use it other than the UE4 supported behavior tree system?
Because I can not get used to the way of Behavior tree. It cost a lot of time to debug when AI gets complex.
Maybe text-based script can save my time.

Definitely - SkookumScript is designed to create AI.

Another question, how can i hook my extra UE4 C++ function and call it from sk script?