I had to ask

How are things? It has been a while since I have heard from the Agogites, was curious about what has been rumbling underneath.


Hey, a number of us have been occupied with contract work with Epic Games.

@error454 is the mad scientist most dedicated to SkookumScript support so he has a bunch on his shoulders. We’ll try to get to everyone eventually.

Apologies for not being super responsive to forum posts!

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No problem at all. I am not used to it taking a long time before Skookum works with a new Unreal release, just wanted to know how things were. I have been spoiled =)

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Looking forward for the 4.20 build with extra functions.

I’m waiting for lots of things since 4.20. Skookum Script, Replication Graph, Ability System, OSS from UETopia…

It’s actually quite challenging for a team with limited numbers of mad scientists to catch up with Epic since Epic release new UE4 versions quarterly, unless they have extra help or work out an automatic mechanism to integrate the scripting engine with the game engine with UE engineers.
Keep up the great work, really appreciate it.

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Honestly, just a 4.20 build of 4.19 branch would be awesome, to be up to date with the engine.

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Yes - the plan was to make a quick SkookumScript plugin build for UE4.20 though there were issues that we experienced in the mechanism used to make script bindings. Either there were significant changes or a bug was introduced that prevents the mechanism used in the Unreal Header Tool to generate the C++ used to make SkookumScript bindings. That has slowed our 4.20 release down. :tired_face:

There are a couple of other scripting plugins and we are all experiencing a similar issue.

We are looking into it and will see what can be done. :madsci:

Any news on 4.20?

Additional work has been done though the 4.20 issue hasn’t been solved yet. :persevere:

As soon as we have a better idea for an ETA we will post here. :madsci:

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I appreciate any thing you can do to bring it together for 4.20.
As an aside, also missing are the 4.19 and soon 4.20 demos.

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Good point. The missing 4.19 demos are an oversight.