I'm back to skookum!

Hi, guys,

I was one of the early beta testers and I’m back to give it a second spin.
I made a wrong decision back then to give Unity a try because I love C# but I was only left with a bitter taste in my mouth. Besides c#, everything else pretty much was a disaster.
Unity is really hopeless when it comes to making a large scale game.

Anyway, I just started to lurking SK and I became much fond of it, the second time around.
It is a good thing that the Mad Scientists are under Epic umbrella but at the same time, it’s a bit lonely over here. I hope something good will fall out from the umbrella soon and until then, I’ll try to stay skookum.

Before I start committing more seriously, please let me ask you(the Mad Man) this. I know some people at Epic and I know it as a fact that the new IL is cooking with much love, however, he doesn’t know the details.

My question is, is the new IL a completely a new language? (not just syntax but the concept behind it, such as the awesome coroutine and REPL) In other words, using SK will somewhat a good investment when the time comes to meet the new baby? I’m really curious to know what it will look like. ^^ Year and a half silence are really long in Unreal land.


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Welcome back. Don’t hold your breath for the new IL, there is literally no news and no timeline.