Incompatible Type IDE Message is Unspecific

Note that this occurred on 3.0.4249 beta.

I had the following line:
deproject_screen_space(x, y, world_location, world_direction, controller, Vector2!xy(viewport_x, viewport_y))

And was getting the error:

(Side-note, it would be great to be able to right-click and copy error messages)

The error message was misleading because x already was a Real. It was actually complaining about viewport_x which I had initialized incorrectly but the message had stripped off viewport_ which led to my confusion.

Yeah tricky - this is referring to the name of a parameter not an argument but I see how it’s confusing in that case. We’ll see if the error message can be improved.

Ah that makes more sense. If there’s an ability to highlight a portion, like the variable in question, that would make it clear.

I checked in a fix that properly underlines the bad expression in this case so it’s clear where the problem is. It will be rolled out with the next release of the SkookumIDE.

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You can now copy error messages to the clipboard with Ctrl+C or by selecting “Copy” by right-clicking on an error item.

(The old way of just printing out errors to the log was certainly simpler.)

These new error list features were added to the SkookumIDE and put into the Perforce licensee branch on March 9. (Not sure if it is up on GitHub yet and it isn’t on the Unreal Marketplace yet.)

Guess we need to make more update notes so new features such as this are more obvious when added. :madsci:

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