Initial 4.23 Support

I’ve pushed a 4.23 branch to github.

What’s New?

Some of the oldest bugs in the product are getting fixed as I have time. From August 1st - Sept 11, I spent all of my discretionary hours tracking down a bug that crashed the editor when compiling an inherited :sk: blueprint. I chased this down several rabbit holes, from serialization to memory corruption.

The bug was resolved, the product is now more stable, and as a bonus, the memory allocator in one of the core :sk: libs was replaced to use the :ue4: memory allocation system. Memory allocation is now unified across the ecosystem, this makes it convenient for trying other memory allocators like VMem or the built-in options.

For Source Engines Only

There is a :ue4: bug in 4.23 that prevents plugins from using UnrealHeaderTool in binary versions of the engine. A full source engine is required to use :sk: in 4.23 for now. Once the bug is resolved in 4.23.1, I’ll post updates to the binaries and marketplace versions of :sk:.


Good job on keeping Skookum alive. I am not currently programming in Skookum but I still lurk around =)

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