Initial Impressions of Verse

Please put your initial impressions here, if you would not mind =). I am still trying it out before I give an opinion, but when I feel that I have sufficiently tried it I will post my opinion.

Just had my first experience with UEFN.
The experience is pretty horrible.
You will have to keep Fortnite running pretty much at all times in the background while working, eating precious CPU cycles.
And it crashes, hangs, Undo does not work properly, and pushing the changes is pretty much un-interactive.
I’m not sure if it’s designed to work this way for good.
We should be able to test locally while developing.

Besides, the Verse is very rudimentary yet, unnecessarily verbose. SPJ at work?
And I’m not sure why they made all declarations reversed. Can you think of any good reasons?
A long Verse code will look ugly for sure, making all declarations misaligned.
If they trade readability for condensation, I would understand but it’s not that either.

Oh well… it’s too late now. It’s fixed in stone.
This is exactly the thing that I worried about. No user feedback.

Yeah, the final deal breaker is no debugger support. and no REPL either.

Summary in a single sentence. It’s not worth 4 years of the wait!
Still got a long way to go.

I cannot judge the language yet but it is def not easy to “just program” for learning. The experience is pretty janky so far, I am wondering if there is some way to program in verse without all of the other prerequisites. Also, I think the repl will be coming later? @Noolarch can you actually comment now, are we getting a repl?

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So far the language is not bad IMO, but UEFN is far from ideal to actually try all the capabilities of Verse within Unreal. The API is too limiting and the fact that we have to deal with live hot reload to interface with Fortnite is not great. Still, I can see it turning great once it fully releases in vanilla Unreal. There’s nothing terrible about the language assuming the missing features will eventually be implemented (well, apart from the time they took to release it in such state, when it’s not too different from what we saw in 2020…). I just hope they’re not hitting a wall with the development of verse and it continues smoothly.