Instructions for keeping IDE and plugin updated

Hey, guys, I’m back after a summer of working on the 66 Mustang I’m rebuilding. I bought a 65 Mustang about 6 months ago, so working on the cars is eating into the programming time. Old Mustangs are skookum, though! What I need is a forum topic which gets pinned and has a new post for each new major version you release detailing what needs to be done to install it and update any existing code. I’m having trouble finding the updates to the IDE in the last 6 months, so I don’t know what all needs to be updated. It’s not helping that I’ve updated UE from 4.12 to 4.17 and installed VS 2017 this year too. Lots of things have changed since I last logged on, so please help an old guy out by having some docs on where to find the new stuff in an easy to find location on your website.

Here is a good start:

It details every big and small release.

If the jump from 4.12 to 4.17 is not obvious, feel free to give more details and ask more questions here.

That is a start, but where is the same info for the IDE? I see features mentioned in the plugin release, but nothing about how to update the IDE. I didn’t see anything in the IDE itself to do an update, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Basically I want to be at the latest and greatest version now.

The IDE is included with the plugin, so when you get the latest greatest plugin, you also automatically get the latest greatest IDE!

No catches or gotchas about getting the plugin from the marketplace? At one point, we were having to get the coolest new toys via github.

GitHub always has the latest greatest of course. The Marketplace usually lags a bit behind because Epic takes their time updating it.

One gotcha to be aware of is that the content of your workbench window might potentially get lost during update. It is stored in the file <SkookumScript plugin folder>/SkookumIDE/Scripts/ Pulling latest from GitHub is safe and will not change your file, but updating from Marketplace, or moving to an entirely different version of UE4 might lose its content. If you have important script snippets in your workbench, you might want to copy this file to a safe location prior to updating.

The updates to the SkookumIDE should be in the release notes too - usually under a “SkookumIDE” section.

We are still on VS 2015 so let us know if you think you have any issues in this area.

I also put in a Changelog page on the SkookumScript web site so that hopefully people will be able to more easily find info about new releases: