Integration example


Is there an example repository with the basics on how to embed SK in a application/game?
An example not using a game engine at all, just using the c++ stdlib would be great.

Only by looking at the Skookumscript-UnrealEngine repo is a bit difficult to see how the pieces fit together.

There isn’t a specific example for integrating :sk: into other applications, although that sounds like a great tutorial :thinking: You may have already seen the post below, it’s the most comprehensive set of high-level instructions to-date for this.

This post might also help:

  • To get the initial running of core script commands should be quite easy. If there were a good tutorial it would probably only take an hour or two. The post above is the best bet right now.
  • Next is hooking up all the engine/app calls which could be simple or take years depending on what exists and what is needed.
  • [optional] Putting in the hooks to allow the SkookumIDE to connect might take a bit depending on the TCP/IP libraries that you have available. Shouldn’t be too hard though.
  • [optional] The hardest part is integrating with existing scripting systems in real time such as Blueprints in UE4. However in most custom systems you won’t even need to worry about that.