Is it possible to debug Skookum scripts on console?

Specifically PS4. I imagine not as the UE4 editor doesn’t run on console, but thought I’d ask in case there’s a way to do it. Thanks.

Good that you asked because that is absolutely possible! SkookumScript connects to the running game via TCP/IP and allows live code updates and full visual debugging on any platform.

The SkookumIDE itself runs on a Windows PC system though the game runtime can be on any system. This is much like what would be done with MS Visual Studio for example.

Hey @solaris783, I can’t tell you how many man hours we’ve saved by debugging via :sk: directly on hardware. I’m sure you’re very familiar with how long deployment can take on consoles and/or mobile, where making a code/asset change means a 15-20 minute iteration time at best (much longer at worst).

The ability to connect to a live running game, query the state of actors, set variables, call methods on actors, print data and spin up test coroutines to narrow down an issue will feel like science fiction the first time you do it. The power and time savings really can’t be beaten, you’ll quickly wonder how you ever lived without it.